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Divorce can be emotionally and financially devastating. However, it can also be a time of hope—an opportunity to establish a solid financial foundation as you embark on the next chapter of your life. Your success depends on the steps you take to secure, build and protect your worth—both net worth and self-worth.

To achieve the best divorce settlement possible, a woman needs a financial advocate. She needs someone with extensive financial and strategic experience. She needs someone who has experienced divorce firsthand— who not only understands the financial complexities, but who can help her clients manage the intense feelings that threaten sound financial and logistical decisions. A woman deserves someone who will fight for her financial well- being throughout the entire divorce process, and then equip her with the tools to manage her financial future for years to come.

I know this because I have been there. Now, it is my passion to help other women who are facing similar circumstances. I am their financial strategist and divorce concierge.

Like many divorces, mine was not a pleasant one. In addition to coping with remorse, I had to face the financial complexity of my divorce. Despite my years of experience as a corporate finance analyst and private equity investor, I was taken aback by the endless sea of data, the realization that my lawyer was not a financial expert and the reality that my spouse was now my adversary.

I had come to a fork in the road and knew I had to make a choice: I could succumb to these challenging circumstances, or I could take back control and embrace the beautiful possibilities that my new life presented. The opportunity cost of choosing the former over the latter would be too great, and failure was not an option.

So, I rolled up my sleeves and assumed the familiar roles of forensic accountant and financial analyst. I developed a strategic plan that would ensure both an equitable settlement and a solid financial foundation—a foundation upon which I could rebuild my net worth, as well as my self-worth.

Now, it is my passion to help other women who are facing similar circumstances. I am their financial strategist and divorce concierge.

Out of adversity, a beautiful life and career was born.

I strongly believe that life is a journey and though we inevitably encounter obstacles along the way, every experience is a blessing. Challenges not only make us stronger, but also bring us that much closer to living the life we were meant to live.

With the right foundation, the possibilities are endless!




Using her deep financial and analytical abilities [drawn] from years analyzing private equity deals, Steph Wagner is becoming the Secret Agent for those who are divorcing. She's a TOTAL force of nature and I know a movie will be made about her one day. I am in awe of the way Steph rolls up her sleeves, models out my financial picture in spreadsheets and explains it [all] to me. [She] looks at every possible scenario and builds financial strategies to make sure I am not left with [the] short end of the settlement.”

Amanda Steinberg, Founder of DailyWorth.com and WorthFM, Philadelphia, PA

My divorce attorney told me, “Every client should have a Steph." Steph Wagner is a gift to women going through what is likely the most difficult step in their own process of evolution. Every woman experiencing a divorce would benefit from [Steph’s] strategic financial skills, intelligence and emotional support. Her accessibility goes above any level of service I have experienced. Her approach is comprehensive—assisting from all angles. She has helped me in creating a pathway to security, strength and peace of mind. Steph was my advocate: She took on my complicated divorce and through her extensive forensic accounting skills and strategic abilities saved me time and money, beyond what any attorney could. With confidence, I endorse Steph as my Brilliant Divorce Concierge! She is one of a kind!!”

Mary Frese, San Diego, CA

In a few words, Steph Wagner is a profound force of nature. Divorce is one of life's greatest challenges and is something few would choose. Steph's extensive experience, both personal and professional, combined with her deep financial expertise with the most complicated scenarios makes her priceless. Her ability to synthesize, contextualize and explain during someone's time of deep emotional upheaval is a life line. Steph's determination to spread knowledge and promote transparency of a fundamentally broken system is critical to millions across the country, and as she works toward that, she makes a monstrous difference for one person or family at a time.”

Anonymous, New York, NY


Steph Wagner has a deep understanding of the emotional and financial complexities women face during and after divorce.  She helps them establish a solid financial foundation, take charge of their lives, and fully realize the profound impact economic independence can have on their next chapter.

With over a decade of experience shaping financial strategies and mentoring individuals and business owners to achieve their goals, Steph has built a national consulting practice that assists affluent women in achieving equitable distribution in marital dissolutions. Her approach is comprehensive, with a focus on creating settlement structures that provide creative and efficient solutions from a tax and long-term wealth-building perspective for both litigated and highly collaborative cases. 

She also provides litigation support on asset valuation, financial forensics, tracing, lifestyle analysis, and advisement on personal and corporate finance matters to family law attorneys throughout the county.

Steph is a sought-after thought leader on the intersection of gender and finance, as well as entrepreneurship. Her financial expertise has been featured in a monthly column in Entrepreneur Magazine, as well as 30+ articles on Fox News, Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, DailyWorth, and Huffington Post. She’s contributed to best-selling books and podcasts, and is a frequent speaker at events nationwide.

Steph is a graduate of The University of Southern California Marshall School of Business; Founder of WomenWealthyWise; and author of a forthcoming book on women, money, and transition. Steph serves her local community as Board President of Center for Community Solutions (a San Diego based nonprofit serving survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault). 

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